Code of ethics - Aura-impact

Code of Ethics

The purpose of this charter is to define the ethical and moral values that all Aura Impact experts undertake to respect in the context of their services. It also specifies the deontological framework of the professional practices of all experts, whatever the mode of exercise of their professional activity.

The ambition of this charter is thus to protect the interests of both the experts and the people who consult them.

1. Respect for the right of the individual

Respect for human rights is a fundamental obligation. Therefore, our experts undertake to scrupulously respect national, European and international legislation on the respect of the fundamental rights of persons, and in particular their dignity, their freedom, and their protection.

In this sense, our experts undertake to:

2. Competence

All the services of the experts must be carried out with care and attention, in accordance with the rules of good practice in their field of activity. The service proposed by the expert must above all be carried out in accordance with the needs and interests of the person who consults him/her, and within the limits of their skills and qualifications.

In this sense, our experts undertake to:

3. Responsibility and good professional practice

Beyond the responsibilities defined by the legislation and the moral duty towards the person who consults him/her, the expert has a professional responsibility, specific to his/her activity. He/she is therefore personally responsible for his/her choices and the direct consequences of his/her actions and professional opinions.

In this sense, our experts undertake to

4. Confidentiality and privacy

In the course of his/her work, the expert may have to collect personal information about the person who consults him/her. The expert is subject to professional secrecy and must respect the private life of the persons who consult him/her, except in cases where the law imposes or authorises the revelation of the secret.

In this sense, our experts undertake to:

5. Recourse

Any organisation or individual may contact Aura Impact in the event of non-compliance with any of the rules laid down in this charter, or in the event of a dispute with an expert. You can contact Aura Impact via our Contact form, or on our email address [email protected].

All Aura Impact experts must respect the code of ethics. In case of non-compliance, they will be immediately and permanently removed from our list of experts.